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Set Yourself Free Program

Interrupted Development


what others have to say about ...

The Set Yourself Free Program

"Dear Shirley, after attending your 12 day intensive course I wanted to let you know that my life has been impacted in a lasting deep way! I have studied with some of the best teachers in the world and your work has had the most profound affect to me...My ability to avoid addictions like, food, alcohol, gambling, mental obsession for work, and money, or being addicted to adrenaline, or busyness, and have all fallen to the way side, and I have a sense of peace and that of being present in my life.
A big part of me was working overtime to please or impress others and now I feel relief from that and it feel great! You taught me that until I am aware of how my upbringing has caused me to "adapt" and create a "false self" I will never feel truly happy, and only act out through my EGO and always feel fear that I am not enough! I used to try and be "better than others' and ended up making others feel "less than" and pushed people away when what I really wanted was to have connection and be close to people. You showed me how to make that shift, thank you so much.
My relationship with my mother(76) which has been strained almost all my life, is at it's best ever, we just spend one month traveling together and I never felt closer, and the same with my sister. I believe your work is THE MOST IMPORTANT work that anyone can do, and that most people are secretly dysfunctional and unhappy. Oh yes they convince themselves like I did that through distraction and/or cultural material successes, that all is good, but reality is they are lost, sad, overwhelmed and more. Shirley you are a blessing and your dedication to showing us the path to setting ourselves free, is second to none!
Thank you, thank you, thank you....." - RT

"While attending Shirley Smith's 12 program, Set Yourself Free, I discovered I was carrying a lot of anger and emotional pain. I was able to recognise that and let it go. I was given the tools that allowed me to be the sort of husband and father I always wanted to be. My marriage and my relationship with my children has improved out of sight. I highly recommend this for any man no matter what age, who wants to improve their life skills." - Brian

"I have been studying and teaching self development for over 35 years but somehow always ended up with relationships that didn't work. After participating in Shirley Smith's program I was able to break free from these old patterns. If you want to set yourself free from destructive behaviours and create a life/relationship/family that you love then take the step now. It improved my marriage so that now I have the relationship I always dreamed of." - Pamela

“It’s not easy to talk about emotional things.,” he said recounting how he walked into the first Sydney workshop, thinking “Nobody’s going to get to me.” Although he digested the information, and then a heart attack forced him to reassess his lifestyle. “Your heart turns around and attacks you, and you think you can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing. Since then I’ve moved forward.” Tony Rowett told his captive audience that while it may be daunting to tell the truth, repressed emotions lead to depression. “Don’t go back to sleep if the speakers (Shirley Smith) have woken you up to something,” he urged. The subsequent journey with Shirley Smith brought the family joy, freedom, happiness and excitement.’ Tony gave a testimonial in front of 120 Bordertown parents and friends during a Mental Health Forum. He discussed his journey through recovery and working the Set Yourself Free Program. - Testimonial from Tony Rowett, horticulturalist, Bordertown SA. Excerpt from Bordertown Chronicle - Click here to read the full article.

"The program helps to breakdown your defences and gives you the chance to openly look at your soul in the hope of creating true intimacy in your life." - Anon.

"Doing this has been so rewarding. I have a new insight and way to communicate. The lectures were totally engrosssing and powerful." - Michelle W.

"After many years of wondering what was wrong with me, I discovered i’m okay. With clarity and humour Shirley took me on a journey of self discovery and acceptance and more importantly why we play the game of life the way we do. Everyone needs to do this work. Bring your kids, teach them this work also. There is hope." - Domenica P.

"A powerful program which helped me open my heart more to life." - Chris B.

"Walking away after three days, I can honestly say that I now have some amazing tools to transform my life." - Jocelyn C.

"I am a professional woman, with a husband and 2 children. I looked into this course so that I could have the time and space to do some deep healing work; to get clarity on my relationship and breakthrough whatever the blocks were to my wellbeing. I wanted to benefit from this program by getting a vision of a new life - to feel freedom from guilt and obligation. I wasn’t sure where I could do this.
Having completed the 2 week program I would gladly do 3 weeks! I definitely received value for my time and investment. I found the processes, change beliefs exercises and the vision work to be of most value to me. I would certainly refer friends and family and I can think of many people who would benefit from attending. The Centre has a fresh, inviting and spiritual feel which supported my experience. Words cannot express the depth of thanks. I say a huge thank you to Edna, Nicole, Adriana and Geoffrey and of course to Shirley, not only for facilitating but for writing “Set Yourself Free” with its inspirational cover! I am filled with gratitude for the help and insight I have received. Specifically for me it has moved my blocks to healing. It has been so special to read Set Yourself Free, meet the author and then to take part in the program facilitated by Shirley herself and her team in an intimate environment." -
Penny M.

"I, like you, was looking for a program to uncover the underlying source of my present situation. I wanted a clear direction for healing, to move out of old pain plus realise what my vision is for my future. I have known of Shirley Smith’s work and the Set Yourself Free Program for some time. I have known many people who have benefited from the experience - yet this time I made the commitment for myself. This program met and exceeded my expectations. It has given me permission to step into my life while continuing the healing process. The biggest benefit to me was to realise that I have been living other people’s lives and to realise and express my vision. I felt safe in the environment at the centre - it is comfortable, warm, feels like a home and not a seminar space plus it has a great outdoor area. I found the pre - assessment process very valuable. I liked the foundation of knowledge. The format of the program didn’t allow me to stay stuck in victim. The time frame allowed integration overnight and transformation over the weekend. The homework laid the foundation for the day’s activities. The use of trance (deep meditation) and pace of the exercises was supportive.
To all the team at The Radiant Group and specifically to Shirley – Thank you. I feel humble and grateful for your commitment and patience. Not merely speaking the words by modelling and demonstrating from your own history and in your professional practice. I absolutely believe I received value for my investment – there is no price on a life. From the pre-assessment contact to the close of this program I have felt heard and propelled in my healing. It is often said that programs are life-changing. Your program has not only been life-changing but life-saving." - Sue M.

"The Set Yourself Free Program is certainly a challenging experience and one of the best 3 day weekends I've ever had. The weekend helped me come to terms with my fears and start to face them, alongside a rock solid realisation that none of us is alone in our worries and feelings of inadequacy, so we never have to be alone again. This exciting journey of self - discovery is only just beginning..."- Mark Kennedy, Radio Announcer

"Prior to the Set Yourself Free Program, I attempted to do a lot of spiritual healing that didn‘t work and read a lot of self help books. I spent more time using everything that I learnt for myself helping other people with their problems instead of my own. Thanks to the Set Yourself Free Program I have been able to move through many issues within my life. I now have clean boundaries with my husband, family, colleagues and friends – I know what is mine and not mine to worry about. The program works on all levels; it helps me to work on myself and not see this as selfish. I have come a long way in such a short period of time."- Holly Regan, Teacher

"Shirley's energy, sincerity, compassion, and spirituality are quite unique. It sounds unusual but it is remarkable how effective Shirley's methods actually are for guidance and healing. I became aware of Shirley Smith and her work when my wife started participating in her courses. My wife wasn't waiting for me; she wanted to improve her life regardless of whether I wanted to or not. The more "work" my wife did on herself the more she changed into a person that I didn't know anymore. What I saw was a woman becoming happier, stronger and more in touch with who she really was. I realised that she was gaining the "tools" for lasting change that I had been looking for. So many of the problems that have plagued my life are now being addressed, and I am releasing them so that I can be free from all of the pain, shame and fear that has dominated my life for so many years. I believe that this type of education is so important that it should be something that every person learns while at school." - Kevin Regan, Teacher.

"I came to the program with an open mind...ready to experience whatever would happen. Open, yet somewhat fearful about how I would react. Well it was a scary adventure at first, but I walked away after three days feeling incredibly enlightened and more in touch with myself then I have ever been. I would highly recommend this program for people who want to connect with themselves, and others, in a safe, loving environment."- R.M., Senior Executive

"The personal benefits I received from the Set Yourself Free Program are simply phenomenal. I released beliefs and behaviours that I knew deep down inside I had. In the past I had done some personal development work and I realised I had simply taken on someone else’s beliefs on how I should live my life.
What the Set Yourself Free Program has given me is the skills to TRANSFORM myself, not simply try and change my patterns. It allowed me to fully realise AND RELEASE my sadness, in a safe, supportive and beautiful environment. By truly healing my past pains, I am indeed a BUTTERFLY now who could never go back to being a caterpillar! Shirley and The Radiant Group, keep up your astounding work. The Universe needs you!"- Paula Bond, Adelaide


Heroes Journey

"Shirley’s Hero’s Journey program delivered results in my life beyond all expectation. My life has literally about faced 180 degrees! With Shirley’s guidance and the program structure I have uncovered the hero that was tucked away in the dark. I have at last found my voice and can say I am truly finding peace and happiness in my strength. Thank you Shirley for believing in me and taking me along a rarely trodden path. I have found my Hero’s journey and cannot wait to take my hero to new heights with your next program." - Rebecca

"The Hero’s Journey is one of the most unique and enjoyable programs I have had the pleasure of being involved in. When I started the program I had just finished my health coaching course and was facing the daunting task of setting up my business. My pattern in life had been to not follow through with actions especially after study. Over the duration of the program I met my business coach and sorted my branding. I got incredible daily support from the other program members who kindly gave me the necessary feedback to break through some of my self-limiting behaviours. I loved the group work and we created a very special bond over the 12 weeks. Shirley led us on the journey with some truly exciting processes that gave me clarity, insight and inspiration to push through my fears of setting up my business. A couple of weeks after the program ended I held my first workshop and now have paying clients. If you have a dream, a goal, a vision for something different in your life, I highly recommend the Hero's Journey." - Kristina

"Shirley's work has always been effective, but the Hero's Journey includes a structured approach that systematically tackles blockages and provides a road map to follow. The path has been proven effective in all the folklore to transform the ordinary person and bring out the hero in them. The benefit I personally got from the journey is to discover that there is more power within me than I realised." - Vincent

"The Hero's Journey is - to date - the most practical, realistic and creative experience I have stepped in to. I also gained a firm grasp of what manifesting means to me. Being a fierce believer in 'embodying the experience', this program facilitates that need and sets the direction toward the requested adventure." - James

"I attended the Hero’s Journey Program for three months in 2013. I found the program wonderful as it gave me great insight into how I can face challenges in my life in a different way. I gained a tremendous amount of self -awareness and tools to put into practice in every- day life. This program gave me clarity and confidence to deal with issues that life throws your way. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to see a change occur in their life no matter big or small." - Bridget


Interrupted Development

“I have a long-standing commitment to my own personal growth and have worked with many different approaches that have given me great benefit. I had reached a place though where I felt quite stuck – my life was good, but not rich enough. Some things still blocked my way and I wasn’t really sure what they were. A friend showed me The Radiant Group’s brochure, which seemed to directly speak to my confusion and immobility, and very clearly offered a program that promised a way through. It took me a while to get there – I don’t live in Sydney and the idea of coming on my own was scarey. Money was also an issue. Finally I decided to jump and it really felt like flying! Phone conversations and the initial interview gave me a sense of connection and when I arrived for the ten day program I felt safe and welcomed. The program was wonderful. Starting gently with information and a lovely meditation each morning we gradually got to know one another. Each day the program supported us to go deeper, with more information, homework to move us into the next level and processes that allowed me to discover deeper parts of myself. I loved the group work, having others witness my story was powerful and being a witness to their stories was moving in a way I hadn’t imagined. Very humbling and very real. Back home now I feel I’m supporting myself in a new way. The things I learnt and the changes I made during the program have proved very solid and far-reaching. I’m more relaxed and self-accepting; I’m slowly dropping some pretty distressing behaviours such as obsessive worrying; I’m thinking more clearly; looking after myself better; and am enjoying my relationship with myself! I also feel more confident with friends, family and in my employment.” – Babs N.