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On this page find related coverage on author and psychotherapist Shirley Smith, plus articles concerning Relationships, Family or Mental Health Issues.

Shirley Smith Available for Interview or Comment

Shirley Smith is available for interview or comment. Shirley is a human behaviour expert with over 25 years training and working with clients in the field of Relationships, Compulsive Addictive Behaviour, Family of Origin and Spirituality issues.

Topics Shirley is available to discuss include:

  • Spirituality and Emotional Intelligence
  • Healthy Relationships and the stages of partnership
  • Addictive Relationships
  • Addictive Behaviours – how to recognise and deal with these issues. Includes Alcoholism, Workaholism, Gambling, Drug abuse, sex addiction, love addiction, co-dependency, anorexia and food issues etc.
  • Family roles and family systems theory


Interviews with Shirley Smith

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Articles about Shirley Smith,
The Radiant Group and other topics

. Click here to view a brief news story on Sydney Morning Herald Online featuring Shirley Smith discussing the psychological underpinnings of Cho Seung-Hui and his motivations for the massacre on the Virginia Tech campus.

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