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Shirley Smith - M.A.C.A (Clinical)
Founder and Program Director of The Radiant Group

Shirley is a psychotherapist, a highly recognised presenter and the author of the best selling book Set Yourself Free and now Behind Closed Doors - the truth about intimate relationships and how to create them. With degrees in philosophy; divinity; a background in psychology and behavioural science, Shirley draws on 25 years experience in human functioning to help people identify and change behaviour patterns which block success and disrupt relationships. A firm believer in getting the most out of life, Shirley coaches people to design life strategies that enrich relationships, ensure success and let them enjoy their lives. Her style is ‘down to earth’ and ‘tell-it-like-it-is’.

Originally from the USA, Shirley was brought to Australia in 1989 to train psychologists, doctors, counsellors and health professionals in the treatment of co-dependency, addictive behaviour and family of origin issues. Shirley was commissioned by Bantam Books to write Set Yourself Free - the first book on Co-Dependency in Australia. Not only is Shirley recognised as one of Australia’s leading specialists in this field, she is also a Certified Trainer and Facilitator in the educational applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Generative Learning. In addition, Shirley is a certified hypnotherapist and an accredited Myers Briggs practitioner.

Shirley’s work has been featured in nearly every mainstream Australian publication. As New Woman magazine’s choice of Executive Coach, Shirley wrote a monthly column for their readers and has appeared on a number of television shows, as well as being featured on talkback radio programs Australia-wide.

After moving to Australia in 1989, Shirley became an Australian citizen in 1994, making her home in Sydney’s north shore.

Click here to read an in depth interview with Shirley that was first published in 2001. Find out what brought her to Australia to write her bestseller Set Yourself Free – the book that revolutionised the approach to healing from addictions in Australia.

Shirley Smith is a Clinical Member of the
Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

For further information; to book an executive coaching session; enroll in one of The Radiant Group’s Programs, Events or Seminars; or to contact Shirley Smith send an e-mail to: info@theradiantgroup.com.au or 02 9953 7000.


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